Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Scuba Day - Not for me :>)

Tuesday – almost everyone went scuba diving. I was signed up for Scuba Tune-up but bailed. I’d been certified way back in ’76 and hadn’t dived since :>) There were to be around 20 people Marina walking ahead as we pop out on the beachon the boat and I just felt that was way too many. So instead, Marina took me on a lovely hike to the north shore of the island by Pumpkin Hill, the highest point on the island. It was about a 30 minute walk and I got to see lots of the countryside that can’t be seen from the main roads. These are wide paths that we were on and you could tell that in the rainy season it got quite muddy and full of ruts. Lots of areas the ground reminds me of the red dirt clay back in Alabama and Georgia. We saw lots of lizards and a few Iguanas along the way. The shore was beautiful but not really any sandy beaches. Mostly just hard sharp corral rock. There are only a couple of nice beaches on the island. Later Marina made us some homemade burritos. For dinner most of our group, Marina, my new neighbors Chris and Veronica from the UK, and Martin from Germany went to a place called the Bundu Café. Evie, a very talented guitar player singer from Spain sang for us accompanied by a bongo drum player. She opened with What’s Goin On by Four Non Blondes. Her set even included a Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash song! When she took a break and guy from Minnesota borrowed her guitar and sang for us and his style reminded me a lot of David Wilcox from the northwest. Then came a belly dancer who performed during a drum solo, followed by yet another gal that got up and belly danced for us. Evie then performed some more and then one of the local dive shop managers sang. All Spanish and kind of rappish.