Monday, February 18, 2008

Getting Ready!

Hi All. I just set up this new blog so that I can keep you all up to date as this trip progresses. I'll be flying to the island on March 26th. After several connections I finally fly from Houston, TX to Roatan. From Roatan, I'll catch a puddle jumper on over to Utila. All reservations are made and donations are coming in. I'd like to thank all those who have donated so far. God Bless them!

  • HoofJack inventor Kevin Keeler has donated a HoofJack.
  • Pete Ramey has donated his "Under the Horse" 10 DVD set and 2 copies of his book.
  • Horse Science has donated some laminated posters showing the inside structures of a good hoof and a foundered hoof.
  • EasyCare folks have donated some hoof boots and hoof picks.
  • Still hoping for nippers from GE Forge and rasps from SaveEdge :>)