Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Not so good a day today

Wednesday –The agenda for me today is to go up the stable again and supervise Hector and Sterlin trim a couple more of the 14 horses. Then we get to see “Dōnkey” (you know, like Shrek?). He is a little jack with a colorful story. More on that shortly. He has one very long hoof on the right hind that we have to trim very similar to the foundered mule that Pete Ramey trims on his “Under the Horse” DVD series. I have those DVDs here on the island so I reviewed several things in preparation. Because of the excess growth, I picked up a hacksaw at the local hardware store to get the bulk off and make it manageable to work with. Wish me luck. The vets will just be right down the path in case I need tranquilizer for the little guy:>) I hope not, but I’d sure rather do that then “throw” him. This little donkey was obtained in a trade by two Canadian guys long ago that drove from Canada to Honduras. Their car broke down in route and they ended up trading for two donkeys. One since died but this little guy is still hangin’.

As it turned out I was not able to trim him today. He wanted to bite me and absolutely wouldn’t hold still at all. I even tried snubbing him to a tree. It is quite amazing how strong these little guys can be. Jenny, who feeds and takes care of the horse and donkey was there and called the vets for me to come and tranquilize him. They never showed up after 3 hours. I caught a ride with a local heading to the clinic and then walked back to my cottage, very disappointed that no one came to help me. I hope to get to trim this donkey before I leave as he really really needs trimming.